Mondodivino is your source for natural wine, organic wine, biodynamic wine & sulfite free wine. 

Why organic ?

First of all, for yourself. Building a durable house (that hopefully will last 100 years), cannot be achieved without good materials.

Our body is the result of all the nutrients we are consuming every day. Being healthy requires to care about what is feeding us. As fresh as possible, as unmodified as possible and why not whith a variety of tastes.

The ever ending story of food scandals has put the spotligth on a few compagnies only interested in profits: the majors of the food industry, but also some seed selers and chemical companies.

The fabulous agro industry revolution modifying our landscape is the result of the post war era. After the second world war, the demographic curve forced nations to place feeding of the population as absolute priority. At the same time were developed wonderful chemistries: fertilizers and pesticides; meanwhile horses were put back to the barn, replaced by the tractors. Giants of the agro-industry were born and the productivity of the land exploded, giving more than enough calories to everyone. Mission accomplished.

All those development were made with the only goal to increase quantity, but not really caring about quality or usefulness. Unfortunately, the cost of the food is linked to its weigth and not to its value for the body. Uniformisation of taste, junk food,... invaded the globe. Everyone could eat the same hamburger everywhere. The poor nutrient content of industrial food helped also to develop the food supplement industry, opportunities to make profits are everywhere...

More than obesity, diabetes,... the bill for having poor food and absorbing pesticides is coming in the form of a broad range of diseases like cancer, but also Parkinson 's disease, recognised in France as occupationnal disease for agricultors.

On the environment side, it is also a disaster. Land having more to share with the Moon than the earth. Here below, some images from May 2016 in Champagne. Please note that these are not the vineyard of our producers...

There is no grass but who cares?

There is no grass, the ground is compact, hard and entirely dead. We travelled for kilometers in the vineyard but were not able to find many bugs, birds... at the spring time!

Who cares if the Champagne is good?

Maybe, but one could think a bit more about it. A destroyed ground ecosystem cannot lead to a healthy development of the grapes. Compact, as hard as concrete ground, without biodiversity and all those usefull helpers such as insects and bacteria are not there to prepare the metabolites for the plants. Roots of the grapes cannot grow freely. Disease are more likely to happen, with broader consequences, also pesticides are needed to get rid of insects, fungi,... the circle is complete... The vineyard will only be able to produce unbalanced grapes of poor nutrient content.

There is no miracle, the juice will also give something of poor quality. And the producer will contact his oenologist, who, in close collaboration with the distributors of producsts will supply chemicals, enzymes and other aromatic yeasts to try to get something drinkable out of this juice. The years are passing, and the ground quality gets worse and worse. More and more additive are required to compensate. Are you wondering why you are having this headache after some wine tasting?

Conscious that what is in the glass comes from the ground, all the wines from Mondodivino are organic.

hereby, as comparison, a few pictures from : Castello di Tassarolo, also during the Spring season...

Would you have a walk here or in Champagne?

Titouan & Henry working the ground

Rufus helping a lot in the sun...

You want to know more about the importance of the ground? Have a look at the work of Claude and Lydia Bourgignon:

Why biodynamic, natural wines,... ?

Eating organic stuff is trendy, more and more consumers are ready to spend a little bit more, in the hope of receiving healthy products. The idealist who started to develop the organic agriculture are now followed by industrials who are seeing a financial benefit in joining the movement. Specifications for getting the organic certification are now shrinking, as the industrials lobbying is more and more powerful. Some principles, contamination level,…are now more and more open.

Step by step, the trust one can have in organic food is vanishing. Reason why it is more and more important to know more about the people producing your food. Is it a convinced person or an opportunist?

What kind of difference can it make? In theory none. However, in practice, the opportunist is more likely to be borderline, some even using unauthorized products the difficult years.

How can it be ? If we are talking about an organic producer, he is certified and so analysis are made ? yes, but to find something you must know what and where to look at. Budget available for analysis is not infinite and the certifications agencies cannot check everything all over the year.

Based on this, it is a bit hard to have trust in a supplier, except if you try to know him and understand where his convictions are.

Mondodivino has chosen to work only with winemakers that are determined to provide the authentic, natural wines.

Take care of yourself, all our producers are convinced organic producers!


What is biodynamics ?

Agricultural technique or philosophia? Hard to say. In biodynamics, the farm is considered with a lot of respect, a bit like a living organism. It is cultivated following ecological, ethical principles. Biodiversity is encouraged, no pesticide or chemical fertilizer is used. Some diluted plant preparations are sprayed to strengthen the plants, this being done according to the movement of the stars…help yourself, browse the web, find books, it is never too early to learn new things and listen to different ways of thinking.

In organic farming, you try not to harm the nature. In biodynamic farming, you take care of all the components of the environment, from the bugs to the bacteria present in the ground. Each single component has a value and helps to increase the overall biodyveristy. In biodynamic farming, more than not harming nature, you are improving it.

Believe what ever you want about biodynamic but have no doubts about our winemakers producers. Following the movement of the stars to act in the garden is demanding. It generates peaks of work, when sometimes you would prefer to do something else. You need to take extra care to everything. The only driver for this is passion. Passion for healthy environment, products & life.

One small note about biodynamic, Romanee Conti, one of the most expensive burgundy wine is made according to biodynamic principles…

Take care of yourself, all of our producers are working according to biodynamic principles!