Our goal

Mondo di vino => Mondo divino=> Mondodivino

Natural wines, Organic wines, biodynamic wines & sulfite free wines!

Not a simple wine seller...

Our mission in developing Mondodivino is not solely to distribute wines. Drinking natural wines is like discovering a new way of life. As we could share a meal, we would like to share with you our passion for those wonderful products that are the natural wines. In terms of production, they are almost not present of the global map. All the wines we we are offering are sharing several things. They all have an own identity and they are all manufactured around one concept: the RESPECT.

  • respect for nature, in all its compatments, from the bacteria of the ground, to the plants & animals that are using it
  • respect for winemaker who are refusing to use chemical products in the grapes but also later on in the cave .Doing so, they are forcing themselves to work like mad people.
  • respect for the human being who will appreciate a natural product, handmade at a reasonable price.

Where to meet?


Several ways of meeting us

Either at Mondodivino in the small village of Erria (Lierneux), during a wine tasting event, around a relaxed table.

Either to your place, for a private wine tasting event.

Or during one of the fair we are participating (see oru agenda page). Interested by our products? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Why to order wines from Mondodivino

Avant tout, pour soi. On ne construit pas une maison qui on l’espère durera 100 ans en utilisant de mauvais matériaux. Notre corps est constitué des différents nutriments que nous ingérons... Lisez la suite ici:Pourquoi bio? Pourquoi biodynamique?